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Hold on to your eyeballs when you watch this exclusive clip from Sea Fever

Don’t get us wrong—Sea Fever was unsettling before it became eerily, ironically prescient. But with the world locked down in the grips of a global pandemic, director Neasa Hardiman’s film about an isolated group of people trapped in a confined space with a mysterious contagion that makes everyday activities potentially deadly is about as timely as you can get. And the paranoia is palpable in the exclusive clip above, where an unlucky crew member of the Irish fishing vessel where the majority of the film takes place finds out what happens when you drink the contaminated water in the ship’s holding tank. (Fair warning: It’s graphic.)


The A.V. Club saw Sea Fever at last year’s Fantastic Fest, where we said in our festival review that it “hits every cinematic target with specificity and grace, from the beautiful bioluminescent sea-monster effects and aggressive practical gore to the resounding primal blasts of bass on the score.” We added that “while the film puts its influences way out front, its impressive execution makes it well worth the 89 minutes.”

Sea Fever is out on VOD this Friday, and Gunpowder & Sky’s sci-fi label DUST is planning a livestream premiere—the first of its kind— this Thursday, April 9 at 8 PM ET/ 5PM PT, complete with live-chat Q&A. You can check out details over on the Dust website, and pre-order the film on iTunes here.