Yesterday the decidedly un-groovy news came out that Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez and co-writer Rodo Sayagues were no longer attached to doing a sequel. But, as with so many stories of people departing a showbiz project, it turns out this one may have been a bit misconstrued. Alvarez took to Twitter last night to walk back Sayagues' statements, commenting to Bloody Disgusting that “stuff got lost in translation” with his co-writer. He explained that they’re “not actually making Evil Dead 2 right now because the priority is Sam [Raimi]’s Army Of Darkness 2. But the plan of making a sequel to our Evil Dead is very much alive."

Judging from the video of Sayagues’ Spanish-language interview, the "lost in translation" claim is debatable, meaning this could be just a way of patching over a PR snafu. But whatever the explanation, it's also the case that Alvarez and Sayagues have plenty of other projects in the works before they'll even get around to making their sequel to a reboot of a franchise whose original iteration is also getting its fourth film, 20 years after the last installment. Good luck with that headache.