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Hold me closer, Taron Egerton, because this Rocketman trailer is good as hell

There’s a helluva lot more boring biopics than good ones, as the need to offer everything audiences love about an artist often tends to overshadow the actual drama that makes them interesting. Rocketman, Dexter Fletcher’s tale of Elton John’s rise to kaleidoscopic fame, doesn’t appear to veer too far from the biopic playbook so feverishly adhered to by Bryan Singer’s Bohemian Rhapsody. There’s that preternatural, pearl-clutching talent, the inspiring mentors, the montage of dizzying success, the broken relationships, and the renewed sense of self that gives way to apotheosis. What looks to elevate Rocketman, however, is a truly stunning visual style.


The above trailer is brimming with gorgeous, colorful tableaus that bridge the gap between John’s garish style and the lush, out-of-this-world dreamscapes conjured up by his music. It also helps that Egerton’s John looks to be as lovable as he is charismatic. Maybe we didn’t need Tom Hardy, after all.

Rocketman soars into theaters on May 31.

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