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Hodor returns to man the Game Of Thrones emergency hotline

The final scenes of Game of Thrones have long since been shot, but before the cast can be fully relieved of their duties, HBO is seeing to it that they appear on every imaginable promotional media outlet bloodthirsty for Thrones content. In the clip above, we see the gang gamely riffing on this fact during a stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live! in service of a Game of Thrones hotline, which offers to help confused fans struggling to remember, for example, precisely which body parts Ser Davos Seaworth is missing.


Hilariously, the cast doesn’t seem all that great at (or even interested in) remembering what happened four seasons and half-a-decade ago. According to Sophie Turner, King Joffrey was actually done in by some bad clams. At the very least, though, John Bradley has some helpful advice on identifying the difference between greyscale and chlamydia.

Luckily for us, promotional detail for the final season of Game of Thrones apparently extends to actors who haven’t appeared on the show in nearly three years, as Kristian Nairn and Iwan Rheon make appearances manning the phones, too. Rheon is unsettling even as a phone operator, informing rude callers that he has caller ID. Meanwhile, erstwhile door-holder Nairn tries his best and fails to avoid giving up his HBOGo password: Hodor.


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