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Screenshot: FX (YouTube)

Noah Hawley’s anthological riff on the Coens’ Fargo has always sported a wry sense of humor, but it’s perhaps as low-key zany as ever in this trailer for the show’s fourth season. As we’ve previously reported, this installment centers on a “tenuous truce” between the head of an African American crime family and the Italian mafia in 1950s Kansas City, with comic virtuosos Chris Rock and Jason Schwartzman leading the charge. Throughout, there’s spitty palms, snorted bennies, and “decorative rats,” not to mention a direct nod to the Coens’ Raising Arizona. It looks great, is what we’re saying.

Joining Rock and Schwartzman is a killer cast of character actors and ringers, from Glynn Turman, Ben Whishaw, and Timothy Olyphant to Jessie Buckley and Uzo Aduba. Oh, and Andrew Bird as a gangster. Okay.


Fargo’s fourth season premieres on April 19 on FX and FX on Hulu.

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