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Hobbit beers are coming to a shire near you

Soon, Tolkien fans will be able to get as drunk as dwarves, as Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, and the Washington-based Fish Brewing are teaming to launch a line of Hobbit beers in the U.S., starting this week. Each beer comes in a 22-ounce bomber, has a 9.5 percent ABV, and boasts a Lord Of The Rings-inspired name, like Gollum’s Precious Pils. Other ales include Smaug Stout, which is “styled after a classic Russian Imperial Stout, but with a subtle hint of Habanero chilis to remind you of the fire and danger awaiting you in your journey to The Lonely Mountain,” and Bolg Belgian Tripel, which is named after the Orc chieftan who ruled the Misty Mountains for 150 years. Strangely, there are no beers actually named after either Hobbits or dwarves, even though Tolkien fans know those two groups can tie one (or 10) on.


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