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Popular Christmas Song Performed Via Lovingly Edited Clip Of Pop Culture Icons, Case File #423: Avengers assemble—to wish us all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Youtuber James Covenant—the man who last year gave us the gift that keeps on giving, Jean-Luc Picard singing “Let It Snow”—has flexed his video editing muscles once more. This time, he presents to the world Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain American, and Hawkeye (not to mention Loki, Pepper Potts, and a few others) singing a short medley of holiday favorites. It’s a playful yuletide compilation that also lets viewers perform a quick round of “Wait, which movie was that clip from?” In addition, it’s likely the closest thing you’ll ever see to Marvel pulling a George Lucas and lining up its stars for a delightful holiday special, which—not having a critical death wish—Marvel is never, ever going to do.

Plus, you get the added bonus of a quick appearance by Groot, doing his version of “Jingle Bells.” Perhaps we spoke too soon—Groot is really the gift that keeps on giving.

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