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Hitler loses a squash game in the latest bugnuts Preacher trailer

Although we spent upwards of four minutes this morning doing historical research to try to figure this out, as far as we know, there’s no real evidence that Hitler enjoyed racket sports. Tennis, possibly, but racquetball? Squash? History refuses to say.


All of which leads us to question the veracity of the above trailer for the fourth season of AMC’s Preacher, which offers up—alongside a whole lot of other batshit imagery that’s been this series’ stock in trade from pretty much day one—the sight of Adolf Hitler, escapee from hell, suited up for squash and getting the shit kicked out of him. (Not literally, which is saying something for this show.)

The trailer—released during the show’s panel at Comic-Con last night—also lays out the basic logline for the season: Jesse and Tulip’s efforts to rescue their old vampire pal Cassidy from the malevolent, apocalypse-minded Grail. (Also, a whole lot of stuff explodes, cackles, or gets smacked in the side of the face with a double-sided dildo, but, again, this is Preacher, and that’s pretty much par for the course.)

Preacher’s fourth (and final) season arrives (with a two-episode double feature) on August 4.