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Hipsters will finally get made fun of by new NBC sitcom

Hipsters, that incredibly well-defined subculture of people whom you don't like and/or probably are, will at last get the comedic comeuppance that over a decade's worth of VICE articles, Urban Outfitters coffee table books, Internet comment wars, and sad rumbles in the streets have failed to provide, thanks to Jimmy Fallon. Deadline reports that Fallon's production company—in addition to prepping Slammed, a comedy set in the world of professional wrestling, and Bad Seeds, a drama about teens dispensing vigilante justice to bullies that's intriguingly described as "The O.C. meets Dexter"—is also developing an NBC show about hipsters from hipster comedian Nick Thune and Josh Lieb, formerly of The Daily Show (that's good!) and I Hate My Teenage Daughter (uh-oh).

The half-hour comedy currently bears the name Untitled Hipster Project—a title it may as well keep, as it's ironically dismissive and unfinished like raw selvedge denim, two things that hipsters like because they're such hipsters. Also, it mirrors the show's basic premise, which is about a "decidedly un-hip" anthropology student studying Brooklyn hipsters, sort of like a hairier Gorillas In The Mist. That is a joke that hipsters will like, because hipster beards and so on. If it makes jokes like that and also drops in references to, say, Pitchfork and scarves and Apple computers, this hipster show could be a huge success. And then hipsters will hate it, because it's totally mainstream. Because hipsters, they hate things that are "mainstream"! Ha ha, hipsters.


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