A new network, pivot—all lower case, because that’s how the cool kids spell things—is set to launch August 1 with aims to capture the fleeting attention spans of millennials. The network, part of the Participant Media empire, will feature shows aimed at socially conscious, hip young people, and starring fellow socially conscious, hip young people like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Meghan McCain, and William Shakespeare.

Gordon-Levitt will take his web-based art-sharing collective thing, HitRECord, and put it on TV as a Gordon-Levitt-hosted variety show creatively titled HitRECord on TV! McCain’s program is said to be a blend of reality TV and talk show, while Shakespeare—or a guy playing Shakespeare—will star in WILL, a "stylized period drama" about the early life of the playwright that the Wall Street Journal says is supposed to be a blend of "Deadwood, 8 Mile, and Shakespeare in Love."


Given that those three hours of programming leave a lot to fill in the schedule, the network will also be airing reruns of Friday Night Lights, Farscape, and the Canadian "Muslims in Saskatchewan" sitcom, Little Mosque On The Prairie. The network is also working in tandem with Rolling Stone, the hippest, youngest magazine, on more programming that will target twentysometings.