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There’s something to be said for simplicity in the world of music marketing; sure, sometimes you end up with something a tad too twee or pretentious (looking at you, U2/Pop), but a lot of times, the simplest things are best, especially in the hands of a determined minimalist like rapper Earl Sweatshirt. Although he’s put out some tracks over the last few years, Sweatshirt hasn’t released a full album since 2015's stripped-down I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. Now he’s gearing up for his next major release, aptly titled Some Rap Songs.

In that spirit of “Yes, here is some music,” Sweatshirt also released a new track, “The Mint” today on Apple Music and Spotify, so you can refresh yourself on his low-key take on rising musical superstardom. Meanwhile, Some Rap Songs—complete with a fittingly blurry bit of album art—is out on November 30, and available to pre-order on his web site.


[via Noisey]

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