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Hip dude Bernie Sanders has a podcast now

(Photo: Getty Images,  Paul Marotta)
(Photo: Getty Images, Paul Marotta)

While Hillary Clinton has spent the time since she lost her election going for woodland hikes and attending the inauguration of a man who said he’d put her in prison if he won, Bernie Sanders has had a lot more time to cope with the realization that he’s a loser and has been using that time to be fairly productive. Back in March, he agreed that Democrats would be better off if they started sacrificing their ideals by being open to political candidates who don’t care about gun control or abortion rights so much, and now he’s once again catering to the youthful following he inexplicably still has by launching his very own podcast.


Titled The Bernie Sanders Show, the series began as Facebook Live videos—because again, Sanders really has his finger on the pulse of youth culture, but also he thinks maybe people could budge on the whole pro-choice thing—and now they’re being repurposed into audio podcasts. Each episode features Sanders interviewing someone for about 30 minutes, and the three episodes that have been released so far include chats with Reverend William Barber, filmmaker Josh Fox, and noted science guy Bill Nye. He probably doesn’t ask them if they think we shouldn’t worry about gun control so much, but maybe that will come up in a future episode.

This comes from The Fader, but NBC News has an in-depth piece on how the video interviews came to be. You can find The Bernie Sanders Show on iTunes at this link, and you can find his Facebook videos at this link.