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Sure, there’s probably less chance for a racist tirade than on the program’s upcoming interview with Donald Trump, but this is still a good opportunity for The Tonight Show to get a presidential contender to engage in a lip-sync battle. (Possibly to a racist tirade by Donald Trump?) According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hillary Clinton will be stopping by Jimmy Fallon’s late-night talk show on September 16, hopefully to ignite an intra-party feud with Joe Biden after he appears on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show on September 10.

The Tonight Show visit will actually be in addition to a number of other high-profile TV appearances Clinton is making in the next couple of weeks, including sitting down with ABC News’ David Muir later today, and a stop by The Ellen Degeneres Show on September 10. Still, it’ll be hard for Clinton not to address Trump’s Tonight Show appearance only days earlier, where the big question will be whether Fallon gives any indication he’s anything other than thrilled to see Trump, a mindset that Fallon may be constitutionally incapable of altering, based on all previous evidence. Clinton, for her part, will be selling herself as the sole serious contender for the presidency, a prediction she would probably like for you to believe you are constitutionally incapable of altering, as well.


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