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Lord knows why anyone thinks it’s a good idea to parade out Hillary Clinton—who, despite winning the popular vote in 2016, lost to a ghoulish con artist and reality TV host—ahead of the 2020 election, but that’s exactly what happened on last night’s Late Late Show With James Corden. After Corden made a few “Drumpf”-style cracks about our president and former press secretary/current Dancing With The Stars contestant Sean Spicer, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton emerged to tell a few more as awkwardly as possible.

“If anyone should be telling Trump jokes, it’s me,” Hillary said, adding that it makes sense Trump would try to boost Spicer’s chances since “these guys really can’t win the popular vote.” Ooh, burn. You still lost, though.


Later, Hillary offered her thoughts on Trump’s bumbling sidekick Rudy Giuliani. “I don’t know what happened, it’s almost like aliens have seized his brain,” she said. “I don’t understand when it happened but it is a very clear case of a man who has gone over the edge. Probably pushed.”

Watch it below and thank the gods that, unlike Trevor Noah, Corden didn’t use her husband’s close relationship with one of the world’s most famous sex traffickers of children as fodder for softball jokes.

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