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Hill House star Victoria Pedretti is coming back for The Haunting Of Bly Manor

Pedretti (center) with co-stars Michiel Huisman and Elizabeth Reaser, who presumably have slightly better-honed survival instincts.
Photo: Tina Rowden (Getty Images)

We don’t know about you, but if we’d suffered through all the crap the Crain family survived—or, in a few painful cases, didn’t—in Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House, we’d probably spend the rest of our lives staying away from spooky old manors; sure, renting an apartment sucks, but at least you don’t spend your whole life haunted by your own hideously murdered corpse, right?

Which is apparently what sets us apart from Haunting star Victoria Pedretti, who announced on Twitter today that she just can’t stay away from Mike Flanagan’s various haunted homes. Pedretti is now officially set to star in The Haunting Of Bly Manor, Netflix’s new adaptation of Henry James’ The Turn Of The Screw, as showrunner Flanagan apparently tries to put together his own little mini-American Horror Story of famous horror novels on the streaming service.


Pedretti—who played poor, doomed Nell in the first Haunting series—will take on the role of James’ also pretty-doomed-now-that-we-think-about-it governess Dani, tasked with trying to protect some young kids from spirits inhabiting another—you guessed it—shitty old manor house. Of course, Flanagan reorganized Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting Of Hill House pretty heavily before bringing it to Netflix last year, so it’s possible that this won’t all end in tragedy for Pedretti yet again. Given that Turn is an almost unrelentingly bleak book, though, we’re not necessarily banking on it.

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