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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

One of the many, many highlights of Annie Murphy’s performance as Alexis Rose in Schitt’s Creek is the time she auditioned for the local version of Cabaret with her signature song. “A Little Bit Alexis” was apparently the theme song to Alexis’ “critically reviewed limited reality series”; in real life, it was created by Murphy with some help from her husband Menno Versteeg and his band, Hollerado.


On the show, Alexis’ various gyrations so horrify her mother Moira and neighbor Jocelyn, who are conducting the auditions, that they cut the song short, before Alexis really gets to showcase her range. But now, that crime against pop-culture humanity has been remedied—by Kelly Clarkson, of all people. This week, when Clarkson had Murphy on her talk show, Murphy got to perform another, longer version of “A Little Bit Alexis.” Clarkson chimed in with her own verse, claiming that she’s “a whole lot of Texas.” Even at double the length—still too short.

Naturally, Murphy had the perfect reaction tweet to her Kelly Clarkson Show appearance, leading off with “Oh my god, David!”, as all such statements should:

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