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Hey, who wants to watch a stop-motion Father John Misty get himself sucked into hell?

Love him or loathe him, Father John Misty (a.k.a. Josh Tillman) has something for you with his latest music video. Per Consequence Of Sound, Tillman released the new video for his song “Please Don’t Die”—off the upcoming God’s Favorite Customer—onto YouTube today, and, true to his contrary nature, the stop-motion animation sees the Sub Pop indie rocker ignore his own request and pop his clogs with a quickness, descending into a hellscape (or maybe a Greek-esque Tartarus-type thing), complete with dancing skeletons and a harmonica-rocking Charon.


True to the song itself, it’s a quiet, mostly meditative thing, at least until the clawing skeletons start trying to drag our clay hero into his grave. (Luckily, there are some friendly angel-astronauts on hand to help out.) God’s Favorite Customer is out on June 1, meanwhile; Tillman will be playing regularly this summer and fall, including a just-announced set at Riot Fest in September.

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