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Hey, who wants 4 new Chance singles, pretty much out of nowhere?

Photo: Santiago Bluguermann (Getty Images)

Although he eventually put the kibosh on rumors that he was dropping an album this week, Chance The Rapper has now made it abundantly clear that his claims about being in the studio lately were right on point. Per Pitchfork, the Chicago-based independent dropped four new singles onto the internet tonight, his first release of new solo music since some Christmas music back in December.

The four tracks—“I Might Need Security,” “Wala Cam,” “65th & Ingleside,” and “Work Out”—are typical of Chance’s style, maintaining a light feel even as they deal with heavy topics. (There’s something extremely Chance about a brag-track that references Batman before calling for the impeachment of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and referencing his million-dollar donations to schools, or a break-up song that wishes the best to all his exes.)



Chance’s old mentor Kanye West has said that he intends to release an album with him some time this year (along with 51 other people, so who knows). Either way, we’re happy to have a new burst of musical positivity in our ears for the night.

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