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Hey, who ordered this map of the most-delivered food in almost every state?


If there’s one thing that unites America—even as we all go spiraling down into the fractious madness of yet another headache-inducing presidential election—it’s our shared belief that we shouldn’t have to make or move our own food. To that end, Eater has collaborated with food transport technicians GrubHub and DoorDash to determine the most popular delivery foods in most of our United States.


Somewhat surprisingly, the big winner on the map is chicken, which pulled out a win over both pizza and Chinese food. (To be fair, Eater couldn’t get information from the big pizza chains, meaning fans of Papa Johns and Pizza Hut are probably sorely under-represented.) Still, kudos to poultry, which dominates the East Coast with its feathery, buffalo sauce-stained grip. Meanwhile, burgers are popular everywhere, while sushi does well in the Northeast. And New Mexico is clearly trying to impress somebody—salads, really?—while Arizona is that friend who always just wants an order of fries. But our grease-clogged hearts have to go out to Wisconsin, whose people happily stump for cheese curds (and other assorted dairy products) as their delivery sin of choice.

Eater compiled its map by comparing numbers of orders of different foods in each state to the national average for that food. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough data available for states like Wyoming or Alaska, so we’ll never know which bit of fried delight snowmobilers and sled dogs are periodically risking their lives to hand-deliver to the residents of The Last Frontier.

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