If you like the Melvins, and are wealthy, now you can own a piece of sludge rock history. It recently came to our attention that a listing went up on eBay—repository for all kinds of things you’d never consider buying—for a 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal Van, one of the first touring roadsters used by the Melvins. Known in grunge lore as the “MELVAN,” the vehicle may also be of interest to fans of scrappy young rock music upstart Kurt Cobain, who scribbled a KISS mural on one of the van’s panels. According to the listing, “The KISS Mural on the side was hand drawn by Kurt Cobain using sharpie markers shoplifted from the Thriftway grocery store in Montesano Washington.” The vehicle also comes with two registrations, one signed by Melvins frontman Roger “King Buzzo” Osborne and the other by the group’s former bassist Matt Lukin. (Forbes, of all places, also has a nice backgrounder into how the moldy old van ended up on eBay in the first place.)

As of right now, bidding is up to $99,999.99 (with the reserve still not met). So now’s the time to remortgage your ranch houses and yachts, Melvins fans. Alternately, you can try to barter from some of your old Melvins memorabilia and old rock magazines, like the time King Buzzo tried to buy a house on street cred.