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Hey now, it’s a baseball comedy called All Stars

This is actually The Sandlot, but you get the point

We can probably expect a couple of trends to kick off now that the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series (again). First, that any predictions based off Back To The Future II will be shifted over by one or two years, and second, that there will be a lot more baseball shows on TV, especially those that follow a team that may or may not have been cursed. According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC’s already lined up one such project, giving out a “hefty put-pilot commitment” for a youth baseball-oriented comedy.

The series, titled All Stars, comes from two Mindy Project executive producers—Jack Burditt and Charles Grandy. It will follow a group of families that are connected by their children’s “10-and-under all-star baseball team” which is apparently a thing that is not—or, for licensing purposes, cannot be—known as Little League. Speaking of licensing, there’s currently no word on whether Smash Mouth’s “All Star” will be used as the theme song in any of its iterations. For now, All Stars’ only other baseball-centered competition is Fox’s Pitch, but now that Bill Murray‘s life has been turned around, anything could happen.


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