As the Buddhism-quoting opening of Jean-Pierre Melvilleā€™s Le Cercle Rouge reinforces, predestination is unavoidableā€”men whose paths were meant to cross always will, and any film held in high regard decades after it was made will always get a remake. (See also: Every other news story this week.) When it comes The Red Circle, a remake has been in the works for a while, with scripts from Fringeā€™s Jeff Pinker and, most recently, Eastern Promisesā€™ Steven Knight being passed around, and various directors like John Woo and John Hillcoat attached, and at one time a rumored cast that included Liam Neeson, Chow Yun-Fat, Orlando Bloom, Tim Roth, and original star Alain Delon.

Now it seems as though the drive to create a rehashed version of Melvilleā€™s painstakingly realized crime thriller has reached its acceptably perfunctory, solid-C anticlimax, with Deadline reporting that itā€™s just been handed over to Jaume Collett-Serra, the director of House Of Wax, Orphan, and Unknown, and one of the ā€œrising starsā€ of the industry thanks to his visionary way with meeting a budget. Like Collett-Serraā€™s upcoming Dracula offshoot Harker, which will recast Bram Stokerā€™s tertiary character as a detective working in Scotland Yard, the new Red Circle is a reimagining that will see a change of scenery from Paris to Hong Kong, and most likely will replace Melvilleā€™s carefully constructed, mostly dialogue-free scenes of suspense with Neeson punching things. Yes, that sounds about right.