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Hey look, another Frankenstein thing

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Animated by the same sudden lightning strike of realizing it's in the public domain, TNT has begun work on its own Frankenstein-related project, adding it to the horde of about a dozen other Frankenstein projects—everything from a possible NBC drama, to Aaron Eckhart's upcoming I, Frankenstein, to that Munsters reboot, to these eight other things—currently staggering through some form of life. Unlike most of those others, however, TNT's Frankenstein is based on another, earlier update of Mary Shelley's classic and endlessly adaptable tale: the five Frankenstein novels written by Dean Koontz, the author made of stitched-together Stephen King parts. And Koontz's Frankenstein imagines a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein who's kept alive by science some 200 years after an epic battle with his monstrous creation, with the two waging another all-out war that threatens to destroy New Orleans, which hasn't suffered enough. (Besides, think of all the great blues songs being ravaged by Frankenstein's monster will inspire.)


This is  the second attempt at bringing Koontz's series to the small screen, after a 2004 pilot starring Parker Posey and Adam Goldberg—as two detectives who seek the help of Frankenstein's monster, and not something silly like you're thinking—failed to go beyond a movie of the week at USA. But like all other Frankenstein projects, Frankenstein project is only temporarily dead, and can be easily reanimated by blah blah blah Frankenstein metaphors etc. Look for Blah Blah Blah Frankenstein Metaphors Etc. on TNT soon.

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