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Hey, look: A guy watching dirty movies at work

Earlier this week, viewers of BBC’s News At Ten got an extra side of skin with their news as one absent-minded employee was spotted watching some inappropriate material on their computer about 10 feet behind the news anchor who was live on-air. It’s unclear if the said inappropriate material is from a full-on porno or simply an R-rated movie, but considering the woman depicted in the video takes her top off for all to see, we can at least agree it’s very much NSFW.

One would think that any employee of the BBC would be rather aware of the giant see-through wall that separates their desk and a live broadcast every night, but maybe the individual slouched down in their chair watching naughty videos is just somebody’s bored, horny teenage son waiting for their parents to finish work so they can get a ride home. Presenter Sophie Raworth was, of course, unaware of the free show happening behind her and soldiered on through her report about a recent cricket match and other very British things. But viewers noticed and now the internet has noticed.

This video should be a lessen to all wandering-eyed employees out there. Be careful what you watch at work, because you never know when your brief enjoyment of some classic Skinemax film will become cheap entertainment for millions of weirdos online. Unless that’s part of your whole thing.

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