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Hey, let's watch Aubrey Plaza pour milk into her nostrils

Few series have done more for our apparent collective need to see stars we like in sincere physical discomfort than First We Feast’s “Hot Ones,” the interview show that challenges various celebrities to answer fairly standard questions about their careers while eating increasingly spicy wings. It’s a real “Hey, famous folks are people too, in so far as they react badly to being poisoned” kind of series, and this week’s new installment, with Child’s Play star/consistent delight Aubrey Plaza is a sterling example of the form.


Plaza being Plaza—this is a performer who once brought her own supplies to Vanity Fair’s equally gimmicky-but-hypnotic ASMR interview series—she comes off as entirely game and funny, even as tears are rolling down her face. (At one point, she wryly notes that she acceded to requests do the show because “I just don’t know if Child’s Play will be my last movie.”) As the heat rises, though, she’s forced to pursue some unconventional methods of relief, which is how a million “Aubrey Plaza sucks milk up her nostrils” GIFs were presumably born. (Not coincidentally, this is around the time she tells host Sean Evans, and then the watching audience, “Fuck you. Fuck you all. This sucks.”)

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