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Hey ladies: Alexander Skarsgard signs on to star opposite Taylor Kitsch in Battleship

Thanks to what appears to be a casting director acting as figurehead for the collective sexual fantasies of thirtysomething women everywhere, True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard has signed on to star opposite Friday Night Lights’ Taylor Kitsch in Peter Berg’s upcoming board-game adaptation Battleship. Skarsgard will play the “straight and narrow naval officer” brother to Kitsch’s “wildly spirited naval officer,” with the two joining forces to battle a “water-bound armada of otherworldly origin,” as Berg continues to tease out the alien invasion subplot that was apparently always hiding behind Battleship’s sticking-pegs-in-holes gameplay. It’s the first major studio coup for Skarsgard, who’s become a hot property of late thanks to his fjord-chiseled physique and brooding intensity, which are things the ladies like for some reason.


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