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Hey, it's Labor Day

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It’s that magical time of year again, when America pays tribute to the industriousness of its workforce with the exact opposite of that. Ideally, all of you awoke to discover the Union Bunny brought you plenty of fair-wage eggs, chocolate sick days, and crème-filled safe working conditions in your Labor Day baskets, and now you’re spending the day enjoying them without being asked to produce anything in return. (And if you do have to work today, consider going on strike.) We’re also off, though—primarily due to fears of being outsourced—we’ve still provided some new content, including an Inventory dedicated to the very people Labor Day celebrates, and a new Comics Panel on hardworking yet perennially underpaid superheroes. And of course, you could just hang out and talk about what you’re doing this long weekend, instead of contributing to the strength and prosperity of the nation. See you tomorrow!


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