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If you’re looking for something to do this week (and have the patience of a saint), fan website The Disney Experience has published Escape From Haunted Mansion, an entire 3D papercraft board game that’s free to download. All you need is an X-ACTO knife, some glue, cardstock, full-color printer ink, 59 sheets of paper (for 197 different pieces), the ability to comprehend 16 pages of instructions, friends, and a lot of fucking time to put it together. There’s also a Haunted Mansion-themed dice tower you can print and assemble, should you have nothing but time for papercraft in your life.

The game comes with a printable game board, five playing pieces, “Fortune Cards” that could reward or penalize a player via a chance of draw, a clock, and even a pair of paper dice. The objective of “Escape From Haunted Mansion” is simple: roll the dice, advance toward the finish, maybe a draw a fortune card, run away from Madame Leota, and try to beat the clock before you and everyone you know dies loses and are stuck forever in The Haunted Mansion as a happy haunt.


This bad boy is huge, so if you plan on tackling this project, get ready to store this thing out in the open because it’s over a foot tall and doesn’t collapse or fold down. No doubt that once it’s built, Disney nerds will experience pure ecstasy over the attention to detail—everything’s there, from the hitchhiking ghosts to the floating crystal ball to the infamous stretch room.

In fact, here’s a video of said euphoria:

With Halloween just around the corner, this beautiful paper behemoth of a board game could be your home’s next conversation piece. Or, if papercraft’s not your thing, you can always watch the Eddie Murphy film instead.

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