You can say a lot of things about Kelis: You can say that her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. You can say her milkshake is better than yours. You can say that she’ll teach you, but she’ll have to charge. But you shouldn’t say she’s a “slave” or a “disgusting Nigerian,” because:

  1. That’s just straight-up rude and undeniably racist
  2. She’ll take to Twitter and accuse your entire country of being “racially decades behind progression.


At least that’s what she did this past Monday, channeling her righteous anger through a series of tweets detailing an ordeal at London’s Gatwick Airport where a fellow passenger, apparently convinced that the musician and her son jumped the line for passport control, hurled the racial epithets above—along with a very timely, very relevant Roots reference. (Talk about being “decades behind.” [Rimshot] Thank you, thank you—please remember to tip your servers and treat other people with dignity and respect for their basic humanity.) Of course, Kelis’ account of the story does come after she refers to her son as “the midget,” an equally inflammatory term that could turn this story into a spiraling, Möbius strip of public outrage—a lot like the four months of 2004 when you couldn’t get “Milkshake” out of your head, only with more accusations of harassment.