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Hey, Clone Club: The Orphan Black universe may be expanding with a new AMC series

Photo: Jemal Countess (Getty Images)

The Orphan Black televised universe could be expanding, even if it no longer involves Tatiana Maslany reminding us of her bottomless talent with each clone.

Per Variety, sources claim that a new series set against the same backdrop as the popular BBC America series is in early development at AMC. Just to get some of the more important matters out of the way: No, this will not be a reboot or a spin-off. The intention is to tell a completely different, hopefully equally batshit story. Temple Street Productions, the company that produced the original series, is reportedly signed on for the new project, but has yet to officially comment.


It is rather early, so there aren’t any known attached writers or a solid premise as of yet. There’s also no prevalent explanation as to why the new show is developing under AMC rather than its sister channel and original home, BBC America, but a simulcast is not entirely ruled out, either. Orphan Black ended in 2017, a year after Maslany snagged the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. If you haven’t gotten around to finishing the final season yet, maybe now is the time.

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