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Hey Chicago, The A.V. Club Live is next week—buy your tickets now

Illustration for article titled Hey Chicago, iThe A.V. Club Live/i is next week—buy your tickets now

Next Wednesday, June 25, we’ll be returning to the UP Comedy Club here in Chicago for the second, even more fun installment of The A.V. Club Live, our rollicking stage show. Your A.V. Club editors will convene to argue with each other—and maybe with you!—over the pressing pop culture issues of the day. (Who plays “meek yet spellbinding Minnesotan” better, William H. Macy or Martin Freeman? We intend to settle such scores.) We’ll also place another iconic work into our Time Capsule Of Destiny. This time, audience members will determine which season of The Simpsons deserves to be preserved in our sacred vessel for future generations to enjoy.


There’s more! We’ve got a series of “Behind The Meme” videos that will trace the mysterious origins of A.V. Club commenting trends—chronicling the courageous fight against cancerAIDS, for instance—and we’ll wrap up the evening by inviting members of the crowd onstage to play A.V. Club Match Game with our panel of editors. So if you want to see Erik Adams do his best take on Charles Nelson Reilly, buy your tickets immediately. It’s going to be a good time.

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