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Hey Chicago, come see In The Loop with us (now with star Q&A)

Hey Chicago, we usually reserve these types of announcements for the Contests section, but this one has a couple of special components: 1) It's really soon. 2) A couple of staffers have seen the movie and really like it. 3) We're the sole presenter, so it's going to be A.V. Club nerds and A.V. Club nerds only at the screening! So what it is?

It's In The Loop, "a smart comedy and Sundance Film Festival hit from the acclaimed team who created the award-winning BBC TV comedy series ALAN PARTRIDGE and THE THICK OF IT." It's got an impressive 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Empire called it "Spinal Tap meets Strangelove." Oh, what's it about? (I swiped this from Wikipedia.) "In the film, the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of the UK are looking to launch a war in the Middle East. The plot follows government officials and advisers in their behind-the-scenes efforts to either promote the war or prevent it." Stars include Tom Hollander, James Gandolfini, Chris Addison, Steve Coogan, and David "Sledge Hammer" Rasche.


So we're having a free screening next Wednesday, July 22 at the Landmark Century Cinema on Clark Street. All you've got to do is send us an e-mail. In a few days, you'll get an e-mail back, which you can then print out and use for two admissions to the film. BUT KNOW THIS: The e-mail does not guarantee admission, so get there early. We will overbook to make sure the place is full.

Also: The A.V. Club's own Scott Tobias will introduce the movie, and there will be a post-screening Q&A with actor David Rasche. Rasche is probably best known to our clan as the lead in the mid-'80s TV comedy Sledge Hammer!, but even if you don't remember that oft-hilarious show, you'll know Rasche's face. He's been on tons of TV shows, and he was perhaps the only recognizable face in United 93. Most recently, you probably saw him in Burn After Reading.

You should come. Here's a trailer.

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