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Hey Chicago, celebrate Happy Death Day 2 U early and for free

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Hey, Chicago! Do you want to die? And die again? And again? And again? Then you’re in luck, because we’re presenting a screening of the Blumhouse horror sequel Happy Death Day 2U this coming Monday, February 11, at the AMC River East (322 E. Illinois St). The original Happy Death Day was a fun, if flimsy, entry into the self-aware slasher canon, and the sequel picks up where the first film leaves off, as Tree (Jessica Rothe) tries to unpack the metaphysics behind her bizarre ordeal. Also, weirdos in baby masks murder a bunch of people.

To enter to win an admit-two pass to an advance screening of Happy Death Day 2U, just follow this link and enter some basic information. Just be sure to arrive early, as advance screenings are overbooked to ensure capacity. And if you’re late, you won’t get a do-over—at least, not until the film is released in theaters everywhere on February 13.

And now, for no reason besides that it’s weird and we like weird things, here is an Instagram video of Happy Death Day 2U soundtrack artist Lizzo twerking while wearing a creepy baby mask.


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