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Hey, check out this picture of Batman’s dick

Image: Batman: Damned (DC Comics)

Batman has had a lot of thrilling adventures over the years, like the time he stopped the Joker from poisoning the Gotham reservoir, the time he got old and beat up Superman, and every other time he stopped the Joker from poisoning the Gotham reservoir. But the first issue of Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s new miniseries Batman: Damned features the Dark Knight doing something we’ve never really seen before: taking his dick out. Yes, after years of primarily publishing stories where the superheroes keep their pants on, DC has released a comic that prominently features Batman’s junk (though it has now been edited out of digital editions).

As noted in a ComicBook story with a pretty funny headline, Damned is about the Joker unexpectedly dying, with Batman suddenly suffering from memory loss and worrying that he might have been the one to kill him. In this first issue, Batman takes off his costume and has the Batcomputer scan him for any injuries he might’ve sustained in a Joker fight he no longer remembers. The sequence features a clear shot of Batman’s butt and then a shadowy image from the front where you can clearly see the outline of his, you know, private area.


You’ll have to click this link to see it for yourself, but this extra barrier will give you a chance to look over your shoulder and make sure your boss hasn’t chosen this exact moment to come by for a chat. All set? Then go check out Batman’s dick.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that Damned is part of DC’s new Black Label, which is for comics that are targeted toward an adult audience, so that means this isn’t the Batman from the main continuity dropping his pants. Therefore, this isn’t Batman’s canonical dick, which is probably an important distinction for some people.


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