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Were we ever so young, and so in love with the Alias game on Xbox?
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Apple continues to make big—some might say desperate, but hey, who’s judging?—swings in order to hook people into the idea that it can play with the big kids when it comes to making TV. Now, they’re tapping into that hungriest, most spy-daddy-loving of demographics in order to grow their content-creation brand: Alias fans, still carrying that frequently be-wigged torch a dozen years after the fact.

Specifically, Deadline is reporting that the tech giant has hired Jennifer Garner and series creator J.J. Abrams for a new show, an adaptation of Amy Silverstein’s My Glory Was I Had Such Friends. Given the subject of Silverstein’s 2017 memoir, though, said series will presumably be less about subterfuge, high-tech spying, and the question of how many times you can say the word “Rambaldi” in a season before it devolves into generic, Dan Brown-flavored mush, and more about friendship and togetherness in the face of pain and adversity.


Specifically, the show will star Garner as a stand-in for Silverstein, whose book celebrated the friendships that deepened in her life as she sought a donor for a life-saving heart transplant a few years back. Abrams picked up the rights to the book, with an eye toward turning it into a limited series, shortly before it was published last year.

Apple seems to be going with the old “throw shit at the wall, see what sticks” approach to TV development at the moment; Edgar Wright, Oprah, Emily Dickinson, Kumail Nanjiani, Steve Carell, and more have all been bandied about as names that might get someone to hypothetically give in to the marketing deluge and give the company’s programming a try.

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