When superheroes take to the air to defend people, are they causing more harm than good? That’s been a question in comic books for at least 50 years, if not more, with the public torn on how to feel about the defenders of justice and the havoc wreaked in their skirmishes against the forces of evil. But with Hollywood churning out superhero blockbusters, and with each one having to outdo the last in terms of stakes and spectacle, the question of who does the most damage has come to the land of cinema as well.

HomeAdvisor.com put together both a big project and a nifty infographic that examines nine recent superhero flicks and looks at who is actually responsible for the most damage in each films, the villain of the piece or the do-gooders in spandex (or leather as the case may be)?


As can be assessed from the above infographic, generally speaking, heroes are causing less damage than the villains they oppose. However, there are at least three instances where the actions of the heroes certainly cause more property damage and potentially more casualties than even the most nefarious of evildoer’s plans. So when the next would-be world conqueror announces his plans for global domination, people have about a one-in-three chance that the heroes that show up will end up doing more hurt than help. Unless those heroes are Superman or The Hulk, in which case, it’s basically guaranteed that stuff’s gonna get messed up quick.