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Heroes’ Tim Kring is working on a totally different show inspired by a comic book

Tim Kring/AV Club

Though he’s in the midst of getting the band back together for his Heroes reboot, Tim Kring has decided he has time to kill someone else’s idols. His Imperative Entertainment production company has just optioned the rights for a TV adaptation of the Black Mask Studios comic, Mayday.

Mayday—whose story has been compared to Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and The Great Gatsby, as well as Pulp Fictionfollows a washed-up, coke-addled screenwriter who teams with a transgender bartender to stop an actor/cult leader from brainwashing all of Hollywood. The first issue, released just two days ago, has already sold out at most online retailers. It’s written by Curt Pires, who’s seen some success with his Monkeybrain series POP and Theremin, with illustrations by Chris Peterson.


It’s not hard to see why Kring was drawn to Mayday, as several Heroes storylines seemed like commentaries on the ephemeral, superficial nature of Hollywood. Claire Bennett, the regenerative high school cheerleader everyone was trying to save, suggested its obsession with eternal youth, while the ticking sound that followed Sylar was like the proverbial 15 minutes of fame winding down. Though it’s also probable Kring picked it up today simply because he couldn’t resist its on-the-nose title.

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