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Here's your last look at The Witcher before it hacks its way onto Netflix

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Screenshot: The Witcher (YouTube)

All the streamers want for Christmas is their own Game Of Thrones, and, per this impressive new trailer for The Witcher, Netflix is hoping that Geralt Of Rivia will be its very own Jon Snow. The scale, from the breadth of its battle sequences to the sprawl of its world, is enough to capture the eye, even without any shots of Henry Cavill luxuriating in a bathtub.


Lauren Schmidt Hissrich’s series has already been renewed for a second season, which is good news for Cavill and fellow cast members Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan, who play Yennefer and Ciri, respectively. Also heavily featured in this final trailer? Eamon Farren’s Cahir. And, yes, the monster who played Richard Horne on Twin Peaks looks mean as fuck here, too.

Watch the trailer below.

As pointed out by /Film, Hissrich apparently has seven seasons of the show mapped out so far. “I’ve [mapped out stories] for seven seasons. Right now it’s just about, ‘how do you set up stories that really capture audiences for years at a time?’ The worst thing we could do is put all of our energies just into season one, and not be thinking about where these characters can grow to.”


The Witcher hits Netflix on December 20.

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