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As we first reported last summer, Cartoon Network is developing an all-new production of ThunderCats, the 1980s epic about cat-like humanoid aliens battling a sorcerer mummy and learning lessons about sharing and always telling the truth along the way. And here’s your first look at the reboot from Japan’s Studio 4°C, whom Warner Bros. brought on board to give it a more modern anime style, and also put Cheetara in something a little more revealing, apparently. Anyway, this preview lacks dialogue, so it’s too soon to judge the voice cast—which, save a cameo from Larry Kenney (the original Lion-O), is all new—but this will give the diehards among you some idea of what they’ve done with your beloved space-cat stories and whether it’s a good thing. Our preliminary opinion: Needs more Snarf, but that goes for everything. [via Obsessed With Film]

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