Filming has begun on Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, meaning we outsiders looking in have officially left behind the time of casting rumors and crossed over into the hour of leaked photos and plot speculation—an hour that should last, oh, about a year or so. To that end, here’s your first shadowy glimpse at Tom Hardy in costume as venom-enhanced super-soldier Bane, which the enterprising (and impatient) folks at Batman-News have already pieced together by cracking the viral campaign at the just-launched official website. You see, each time someone tweets the hashtag #thefirerises, a new, tiny image appears at this site, which then becomes your Twitter profile pic, and then you put them all together and….aww, forget it. The point is, this is what Hardy looks like when puts on his Bane mask and poses like he’s in a Drakkar Noir ad. [via Collider]