Back To The Future nostalgia turns interactive with the first entry in Telltale Games’ new episodic adventures in the series due out later this month for the PlayStation 3, PCs and Macs, and the iPad. Here’s your first look at the story-establishing prologue, which sets up the fact that it’s some time after the events of Back To The Future III, Marty McFly is still clinging that same outfit, and Doc Brown has gone missing in history yet again—despite the fact that the DeLorean was already destroyed at the end of BTTFIII, with Brown flying off in his time-traveling hovertrain to make some very confused kids with his 19th-century bride. But never mind that, we guess. Notably, Christopher Lloyd returns to voice his character, but that’s somebody else doing a not-so-flattering impression of Michael J. Fox’s pubescent honk. (And no, that’s not Crispin Glover either.) And hey, Huey Lewis also gets another royalty check. [via Vulture]