Try as you might to ignore it—and not clicking on an article with the word “spoiling” in the title would be an excellent way to go about that—the show business universe seems intent on spoiling the end of this season of The Walking Dead for you, besides the fact that there will be zombies, and probably two people standing in a field having a tense dialogue about trust or making "the tough decisions," followed by some staring. And yes, you may have already written off the implications of John Bernthal’s recent casting on Frank Darabont’s new TNT pilot—Robert Kirkman certainly did—and you may have insisted that the show has now deviated from its source material enough that it’s not a given that Bernthal’s Shane will breathe his last huffy breath. But today it looks like AMC even wants you to know that Shane’s death is imminent: It accidentally posted an ad for an upcoming Season Two Blu-ray set with copy that promises such exciting special features as “the making of the barn” and, less exciting but more germane to the topic, “Shane’s last episode.” The network has since yanked the ad and dismissed it as “unauthorized” without further elaboration. Anyway, the universe may have thoroughly spoiled Shane’s exit for us now, but please, no one spoil how they made that barn!