Answering one of the many questions regarding the CBS adaptation of Bad Teacher, Ari Graynor has been cast as the TV version of Cameron Diaz, leaving behind only the questions of “Why turn a film whose comedy depended on R-rated outrageousness into a broadcast sitcom?” and “Will I ever realize my full potential, or is it it a harsh reality I refuse to face that this is my full potential?” While the answers to both of these remain uncertain, Graynor’s participation is now clear, with the star of the recent For A Good Time, Call…  set to explore similar juxtapositions between cuteness and primetime-acceptable raunch as an elementary school educator who’s out to land a wealthy single dad. David Alan Grier also recently joined the show as the “well-meaning but clueless” principal who lets Graynor get away with her bad teaching, because that’s public education for you. And yes, what if this is your full potential? Maybe that’s okay. Maybe as soon as you accept that, you’ll find you’re generally a happier person? Just throwing things out there, like an idea for a Bad Teacher sitcom.