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Here's what's delaying The Hobbit today: Peter Jackson's ulcer

Illustration for article titled Heres whats delaying emThe Hobbit/em today: Peter Jacksons ulcer

As the scrolls will reveal, The Hobbit has been beset by crises of leadership, the bankruptcy of a studio, workers and nations in revolt, even the ravages of fire, and still it doggedly pursues its dream of wresting lightning from the heavens, capturing it in a bottle, and selling it all over again, ideally through SkyMall, as an Official Lord Of The Rings Lightning Bottle. Now even Peter Jackson’s own body has rebelled against him, landing the director in a Wellington hospital with a perforated ulcer—which sounds about right —and delaying the shoot once again while he recovers from surgery. An official statement said Jackson’s condition would only mean a “slight delay” to the start of filming, thereby adjusting the timeline so The Hobbit’s scheduled location shoot six months hence is perfectly aligned with that approaching meteor.


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