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Here's what Vince Gilligan will be doing on Community tomorrow

As we have known for a while now, Community’s cult TV exchange program will follow last week’s turn from Mitch “Koogler” Hurwitz with one from Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan. And now the New York Times tells us exactly what Gilligan will be doing in his first acting gig: Gilligan will return to deserts and byzantine plotting by playing the host of an old VCR game set in the Old West, one that boasts some “deeply confusing rules.” (Indeed, nothing is ever black and white with Vince Gilligan in charge.) Anyway, with his character only existing on VHS, that means Gilligan doesn’t have any scenes with Jonathan Banks. But he does apparently share a post-credits scene with Gina Gershon, who somehow Trojan horsed her way in with all those other guest stars. No idea what she’ll be doing, though it reportedly involves hugging Vince Gilligan. Out here in the Old West, a man gets powerful lonely for Gina Gershon.


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