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Here's what to expect from Avengers: Endgame's theatrical re-release this weekend

Photo: Marvel Studios/Disney

Our little franchise is all grown up. Marvel’s Infinity Saga culminated with Avengers: Endgame this past April, raking in billions with its final showdown between our steel-jawed heroes and the weird-jawed Thanos. Now, as the film prepares to cede the stage to Spider-Man: Far From Home, it will enjoy one last hurrah in theaters with a re-release (and a new scene) this weekend. Now, we have the full details of what returning fans can expect from “Bring Back,” the official title for the re-release.

There’s a video introduction from director Anthony Russo, one that we imagine has to contain something more than just a boilerplate “thanks for granting us cinematic domination and a stranglehold on tentpole filmmaking.” Maybe a confirmation that the Black Widow movie is actually happening? Audiences will also get a “special sneak peek” of Far From Home, as well as the aforementioned scene, which is described in a press release as both “deleted” and “unfinished,” which, okay. Select theaters will also have the below poster as an added gift.


While audiences will no doubt flock for a final chance to see the movie on the big screen, the move is a fairly transparent ploy on Disney’s part to help Endgame surpass Avatar’s dominant box office totals. Endgame’s already beaten the record set by Avatar’s original theatrical run, but that doesn’t include the added cash raked in by its own re-release. This final push will very likely put Tony Stark and the gang on top.

If not? Well, then the Russos will forever hang their heads in shame.

Endgame returns to theaters this Friday, June 28.


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