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Here's what the Wachowskis' new TV series will be about

It's been nearly a year since we learned that Netflix had agreed to produce 10 episodes of Andy and Lana Wachowskis’ super top-secret, very Wachowski-esque TV series, co-created with Babylon 5’s J. Michael Straczynski. At the time, all the info on hand was the name Sense8, and the typically oblique explanation that it would be "a global story of minds linked and souls hunted." But thanks to TV Line, we're finally getting some real details—and, well, that turned out to be a pretty spot-on description.

Each episode of the sci-fi drama will be set in a different city somewhere in the world and focus on one of eight characters—among them an African bus driver, a closeted Mexican telenovela actor, a German safecracker, and a transgender American blogger—all sharing a common vision of terrifying violence. Each will also receive astral drop-ins from a magical guide named “Jonas” and his evil nemesis, portentously called "Mr. Whispers." All of their separate stories and characters can be expected to converge in the final episodes—presumably so they can face down the dark forces of Mr. Whispers together. None of the parts have been cast yet, but the series is supposed to begin shooting in June, so that should all start happening soon.


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