As promised by the recent dumping of Star Wars: The Clone Wars from Cartoon Network and of Ahmed Best into the heart of the ocean, Disney is really looking to move away from the Star Wars prequel universe in all aspects of the franchise—even the animated part that was, actually, still quite popular. But jilted Clone Wars fans may take solace in knowing that the show’s executive producer Dave Filoni landed on his feet with the next Star Wars CGI series, this time subtitled Rebels. Scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2014, Rebels takes place during the timeline between Episodes III and IV, a nearly two-decade era that’s never been explored on screen before—thus ensuring we’ve pretty much covered the whole Star Wars timeline now, unless someone really needs to see what Yoda was like as a baby or something. And as Filoni explains in the video below, it will draw inspiration from Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art for the original trilogy as it tracks the rise of the Rebellion against Empire, and as Star Wars gets closer and closer to the stuff you like again.