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Here's what Community’s G.I. Joe episode looks like, and now you know

Always eager to beat the Internet at its own game, Community has once again reimagined its ensemble as popular characters—this time as part of a G.I. Joe parody for the April 3 episode, “G.I. Jeff.” We got an early glimpse of Joel McHale in his “Wingman” guise last month, and now Entertainment Weekly has provided the more detailed look seen above, as well as photos of some of the others who will be rummaging through the toy chest of your memories. Below is Yvette Nicole Brown as “Three Kids,” Gillian Jacobs as “Buzzkill,” and Alison Brie as “Confusing Collision Of Childhood Nostalgia And Adult Prurience” “Tight Ship.”


While, like so many of our readers, he probably could have just stopped there, executive producer Chris McKenna also shared that the episode featuring the homage to the ’80s cartoon was “actually a significant one,” as the group finds itself on “a Wizard Of Oz-type journey through the world of G.I. Joe,” on a mission to solve a mystery that “Jeff in particular has to get to the bottom of.” Is it what the other half of the battle is? 

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