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Here's what Buster was saying in that classic, bleeped-out tirade from Arrested Development

Tony Hale’s Buster is Arrested Development’s purest Bluth, even if his doofy facade belies a dark, twisted core that’s been inexorably molded by a bizarre, codependent relationship his mother, Lucille. It isn’t too often that Buster’s darkness is allowed to emerge, and, in a new interview with IMDB, Hale makes it clear that he loves it when it does.

In the above video, which finds Hale recalling his five favorite Buster moments from the series, the actor fondly recalls his destructive meltdown upon discovering that, yes, he does have a hook for a hand. His favorite moment, however, goes back even further. In season one’s third episode, “Bringing Up Buster,” the youngest Bluth explodes in a lengthy, bleeped-out tirade that leaves his siblings gobsmacked. Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, and Will Arnett look so genuinely horrified by whatever he’s saying that one can only imagine the filth spewing from the character’s mouth, especially considering the outburst ends with the words “you old, horny slut.” No one’s gonna top that.


But he wasn’t indulging in a blush-worthy blast of creative swears, Hale says, as he’s only got “a solid three words” in his “cuss vocabulary.” Instead, he punctuated those particular swears by screaming out the alphabet, which is horrific in its own way, we suppose.

Buster’s sad, terrifying journey continues to unfold in Arrested Development’s fifth season, which just hit Netflix yesterday.


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